Institutional-Quality Prices

Known for our transparent pricing methodologies, DAR delivers reliable, ‘clean’ crypto pricing data. We start by conducting quarterly reviews of 600+ exchanges to identify venues that meet the highest standards. These exchanges serve as the foundation for our 10,000+ institutional-quality digital asset prices.

Transparent Methodologies

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Complete Crypto Pricing Available


Intraday Prices

Ticking asset prices at any interval including at granularity as low as 400 milliseconds.


Close Prices

End-of-day mark price for an asset, set to the close time you choose.


Principal Market Price

Price for the asset on the exchange that recorded the highest volume during the period.



Open, High, Low, Close, and Volume data updated every 30 minutes.

Authenticate Liquidity with Verifiable Volume

Why Verifiable Volume Matters
How We Calculate Verifiable Volume
Institutional investors need accurate crypto volume data to ensure they are trading with sufficient liquidity, but some exchanges overstate volume, while others are subject to manipulation through fraudulent trading.
DAR’s Verifiable Volume data reflects trades made on exchanges that pass our comprehensive review processes and qualify as a Vetted Exchange or a Watchlist Exchange and don’t show any signs of data or market manipulation.

Authenticate Liquidity with Verifiable Volume


DAR Difference

Pricing for 10,000+ Assets

Get prices for 10,000+ digital assets, including clean prices and verifiable volume for top assets calculated from qualified exchanges and using DAR's quality controls.

Flexible Delivery

Intraday and close prices can be customized based on geography, liquidity, trading pairs, or calculation methodology to meet your requirements.

Custom Methodologies

Get our clean pricing, benchmark, and verifiable volume data delivered via an API, FTP, or a custom method to match your needs.

Discover what 'clean' data can do for you.