Do you have the right data to calculate crypto asset risks and make informed decisions?

Your Challenge
Volatile asset classes. Unfamiliar exchanges. Evolving regulations. In this rapidly changing financial landscape, it’s hard to know where to source pricing and reference data that can be used to accurately calculate risk metrics and enable evaluation against similar assets.

Our Solutions
DAR provides risk managers crypto data and insights so they can assess risk, identify exposures, and recommend data-driven solutions.

‘Clean’ Pricing to ensure analysis are not made against outliers, manipulated, or otherwise messy pricing data
Reference Rates to measure asset performance, calculate alpha and beta, and evaluate price movement against entire market, sector, and thematic benchmarks.
– Depend on DAR’s quality controls to ensure pricing reflects real values.
– Trust DAR’s Verifiable Volume from Vetted Exchanges for an accurate view of market size.
Historical Data to enable backtesting for reporting and assessment purposes.
Digital Asset Taxonomy System (DATS) to evaluate risk by asset sector or theme and measure performance against market segments.

Why DAR?

Pricing On 10,000+ Assets

Get prices for 10,000+ digital assets, including clean prices and verifiable volume for top assets calculated from qualified exchanges and using DAR’s quality controls.

5 Years Experience

Delivering crypto asset data to institutional clients and vendors.

Digital Asset Taxonomy System

Organizes 1,380+ digital assets by use cases, themes, and underlying technology to enable risk attribution by asset sector and performance measurement against market segments.

Let DAR’s data empower your risk management decisions.