DAR was conceived in early 2017 in response to the growing need for institutional quality research in the rapidly evolving digital token space. We made it our objective to provide unbiased research, analysis and insights on token projects, technologies, and other topics of interest to traditional asset managers, hedge funds, family offices, regulators, custodians, tech firms, and other institutional clients entering the cryptocurrency market.

Through our work in the research, we realized that the market lacked reliable and authoritative pricing data. Free aggregators focus on quantity over quality, often using manipulated data which results in an inaccurate price. We began to apply the objective approach we used the research to the pricing data in order to address the need for an authoritative price in the market.

We developed a comprehensive approach to exchange vetting which looks at both qualitative and data science factors to determine which exchanges are facilitating legitimate trading between a real buyer and a real seller. We then analyze that trading data to eliminate outliers and duplicates, resulting in a clean price.

We have also applied this institutional approach to asset vetting and classification, on-chain data, indicators such as market cap and free float, and events data, creating a comprehensive and clean crypto data set.

Our team is comprised of traditional financial service analysts, data scientists, crypto technologists and legal/regulatory experts with experience at firms like BNY Mellon, CME Group, Citibank and UBS. We provide institutional rigor to the cryptocurrency market and use clean data, analysis and comprehensive research to help institutional clients include crypto.