The Digital Asset Research Mission

Digital Asset Research (DAR) drives the evolution of digital asset data integrity by emphasizing quality, transparency, and accuracy in our solutions for institutional crypto businesses. We help our clients operate confidently in the crypto space by delivering trustworthy 'clean' digital asset pricing, market data, research, and expert guidance.

Who We Are

DAR Provides:

comprehensive digital asset market data to institutional participants. We deliver 'clean' data that accurately represents the cryptocurrency market and is based on our thorough vetting of assets and exchanges, as well as our in-depth market structure analysis. We remain objective by not accepting digital asset exchanges or token projects as clients.

We Offer A Data Set That Includes:

- 'Clean' intraday and close pricing data
- Indicators such as market cap, free float, and volume statistics
- Qualitative and quantitative data on digital asset exchanges
- Token data, including data on technology practices, security practices, and developer activity
- Market structure data, including price discovery analysis
- Comprehensive calendar information about events affecting the digital asset ecosystem

Our Team:

is comprised of financial analysts, data scientists, crypto technologists, and legal/regulatory experts, and we leverage our fundamental understanding of cryptoasset technology and financial markets to provide institutional rigor to the cryptocurrency market.

Our History

DAR launched in early 2017 in response to the growing need for institutional quality research in the rapidly evolving digital token and crypto space. We made it our objective to provide unbiased research, analysis, and insights on token projects, technologies, and other topics of interest to traditional asset managers, hedge funds, family offices, regulators, custodians, tech firms, and other institutional clients entering the cryptocurrency market.

Through our work, we saw that the market lacked reliable and definitive pricing data. Free aggregators focused on quantity over quality, often using manipulated data that resulted in an inaccurate price. We applied the same objective approach used in our research to pricing data and developed a model that produces an authoritative price for digital assets.