Complete Exchange Vetting

How do you know which crypto exchanges meet institutional standards?  Hundreds of exchanges operate in the lightly regulated and globally fragmented cryptoverse.
Each operates with its own policies related to security, technology, compliance, and oversight. 

DAR’s Exchange Vetting process combines quantitative and traditional qualitative due diligence to identify exchanges reporting accurate volumes and to flag exchanges that are not appropriate for determining an accurate market price. 

Request a DAR Exchange Vetting Report to serve as your foundation for finding safe venues to invest in or build investment products.

DAR’s Exchange Vetting process also serves as the foundation for our 'Clean' Pricing.

– Corporate Organization
– Supported Assets
– Trading Types and Features
– Trading Fees
– Price Leadership Status
– KYC / AML Policies
– Security Policie
– Social Media Engagement Metrics
– Contact Information

Unbiased Token Diligence

Thousands of digital asset tokens exist and each one has its own use case, leadership team, community, tokenomics, codebase, and network activity. DAR’s Token Diligence process is designed to deliver the information institutions need when evaluating an asset, including an overview of the token, a review of asset market data, an analysis of the networks on which the asset trades, an assessment of the asset, and an opinion on the asset’s suitability for a particular use case.

Whether you’re considering an asset for investment, custody, or another use case, use DAR’s Token Diligence to review:

– Market Cap and Free Float
– Volume Statistics
– Blockchain Base
– Classification
– Consensus Mechanism
– Team Profiles
– Developer Activity
– Social Media Metrics
– Inflation Rate

Know Your Counterparty

Prior to trading, leverage DAR’s due diligence process to familiarize your firm with your counterparty and potential risks. Our in-depth process allows for the selection of vetted counterparties that meet your operating standards. Choose vetted counterparties that meet your same high standards of operating.

DAR Difference

5+ Years of Experience

DAR has performed Exchange, Token, and Counterparty Diligence since 2017.

Unbiased Diligence

DAR never accepts exchanges or token projects as clients, which allows us to protect against biases and strengthens the objectivity.

Custom Reports

Diligence can be tailored to your unique concerns.

See how Diligence can help drive your decisions.