Full Network and Asset Data

Public blockchains offer transparency, but it’s difficult to separate the signal from the noise. DAR’s Blockchain Network Data offers a structured API format that empowers users to query:

– Current or historic transaction information for an asset on one or more blockchains
– Wallet balances and transaction history for specific contract addresses and changes over time

– Summary statistics on active and dormant wallets for a specific asset or blockchain
– Which networks are gaining or losing users

Decentralization and Transaction Concentration

How do you know if a blockchain is truly decentralized? DAR’s Blockchain Network Data includes an extensive set of metrics that can be used to determine if a network’s robustness meets quantitative standards for decentralization. You can see insights related to transaction concentration/top holders, centrality, assortativity, and more. 


Random sample of Ethereum network transactions over 24 hours

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