Do you trust your crypto pricing data?

Your Challenge
Wild price fluctuations, unknown exchanges, and demanding clients make the crypto space especially challenging for fund administrators. With so many data sources – both good and bad – it is hard to know how to accurately calculate portfolio values.

Our Solutions
DAR supplies administrators with ‘clean’ crypto pricing they can rely on to calculate accurate net asset portfolio values for any time window.

End-Of-Day Benchmark Pricing and Reference Rates to enable crypto portfolio valuations anywhere, anytime.
– Trust DAR’s Verified Volume from Vetted Exchanges.
– Depend on DAR’s quality controls to ensure pricing reflects real values.
Intraday Prices to allow the display of accurate client-facing portfolio values.
– Incorporate DAR’s proprietary ‘clean’ data to know exactly where the client stands.
Custom Pricing Methodologies to meet specific fund requirements.
– Customize pricing reporting based on what’s best for the client – such as by geography, exchanges, liquidity, trading pairs, or calculation methodology.
Digital Asset Taxonomy System (DATS) to understand and evaluate opportunities and risks.
– Organize products with the DATS classification system to help measure performance against benchmarks, carve out market segments, and report risks and exposures.

Why DAR?

Pricing on 10,000+ Assets

Get prices for 10,000+ digital assets, including clean prices and verifiable volume for top assets calculated from qualified exchanges and using DAR’s quality controls.

No 'Dirty' Data

Identifies and eliminates outlying duplicates, anomalies, and transactions that show indications of manipulation.

Intraday & End-of-Day Pricing

Delivers pricing for any time window needed – anywhere in the world.

1380+ Digital Assets Classified

Organizes crypto assets into an industry taxonomy with supersectors, sectors, subsectors, and can be customized by use cases, themes, underlying technology, and more.

Want reliable pricing data?