Are you worried the crypto pricing you use isn’t accurate or may have been manipulated?

Your Challenge
Market volatility, fluctuating prices, and demanding clients make the crypto space increasingly difficult for custodians. With trades happening at lightning speed and loads of potential data sources, it’s hard to find accurate and trustworthy pricing and crypto asset data.

Our Solutions
DAR helps crypto custodians incorporate rigorously vetted pricing, asset, and exchange data into their processes.

End-Of-Day Benchmark Pricing and Reference Rates to fairly calculate client fees based on accurate crypto asset valuations.
– Depend on DAR’s quality controls to ensure pricing reflects real values.
Intraday Prices to allow the display of accurate client account values in real-time.
– Incorporate DAR’s proprietary ‘clean’ data to know exactly where a client stands.
Custom Pricing Methodologies to meet specific requirements.
– Customize price reporting based on what’s best for the client – such as by geography, liquidity, trading pairs, or calculation methodology.
Crypto Events Calendar to stay informed about upcoming asset changes.
– Prepare for forks, client updates, and other blockchain events that impact how asset custody is handled.
Asset and Exchange Diligence to mitigate compliance risks and meet regulatory obligations.
– Leverage DAR’s exhaustive asset vetting and exchange vetting that meets rigorous standards of accountability to meet diligence requirements and ensure appropriate governance.

Why DAR?

Pricing On 10,000+ Assets

Get prices for 10,000+ digital assets, including clean prices and verifiable volume for top assets calculated from qualified exchanges and using DAR’s quality controls.

Trusted by Regulated Firms

Rely on a data set trusted by other regulated firms and entities with strict data governance processes, including FTSE Russell, Bloomberg, and Refinitiv.

Comprehensive Crypto Events Calendar

Save time and costs by preparing for changes that impact asset custody, including forks, client updates, and other blockchain events. 

Let DAR’s data help you deliver fair and accurate crypto custody solutions.