Do you want to launch a differentiated crypto product?

Your Challenge
Launching a quality crypto product is complicated with innumerable considerations from asset selection to methodology development to data model establishment. After that, get ready for compliance mandates, regulatory approvals, and ever-changing laws.

Our Solutions
DAR helps product sponsors launch exchange-listed crypto products, gain regulatory approvals, and manage on-going compliance.

DAR Index Builder to take crypto product ideas from concept to launch.
– Build quality products with DAR’s end-to-end process: asset selection, methodology development, data models, and compliance and regulatory approvals.
Digital Asset Taxonomy System (DATS) to create unique baskets of crypto assets.
– Use the DATS comprehensive classification system to construct products around themes, benchmark performance, and carve out market segments.
Regulatory Engagement to help gain initial product approvals.
– Navigate regulatory challenges and satisfy standards of price discovery with DAR’s comprehensive vetting processes and analysis.
Governance to mitigate and manage ongoing compliance risks.
– Leverage DAR’s exhaustive exchange vetting that meets the most rigorous standards of accountability to help achieve governance goals.

Why DAR?

25+ Indexes Launched

Launched with partners using DAR data, including FTSE Digital Asset Index Series and Bloomberg Galaxy Indexes.

600+ Benchmarks

Used to ensure the highest quality pricing for investment products. 

Digital Asset Taxonomy System

Organizes 1,500+ digital assets into 3 supersectors, 10 sectors, and 42 subsectors, and classifies by use cases, themes, underlying technology, and more.

450+ Exchanges

Analyzed quarterly to serve as a strong foundation for data governance.

<3 Months

Helped a prominent institution gain crypto regulatory approvals.

5 Years Experience

Helping clients navigate crypto and launch products.

Launching a crypto product?