Are you confident your crypto data is better, faster, stronger?

Your Challenge
Disruptive technology. User demand. Evolving regulations. In fintech, crypto is expected but still uncharted. It’s paramount to have access to trusted digital asset inputs and insights.

Our Solutions
DAR provides fintech companies with the digital asset data and insights they need to launch new crypto offerings, display accurate prices, and stay ahead of key asset changes.

Intraday Prices to see and display accurate crypto asset prices in real-time.
– Depend on DAR’s quality controls to ensure pricing reflects real values.
Crypto Events Calendar to stay ahead of asset changes.
– Prepare for forks, node updates, and other blockchain events that impact assets or support running nodes.
Asset Vetting to empower informed decisions on which assets to include in your products.
– Receive a comprehensive evaluation that details an asset’s technology, use cases, governance, network health, peer comparison, measures of decentralization, and more to determine if the asset meets your requirements.
Digital Asset Taxonomy System (DATS) to identify offerings and create new markets for them.
– Organize products with the DATS classification system to carve out market segments and measure performance against benchmarks.

Why DAR?

Pricing On 10,000+ Assets

Get prices for 10,000+ digital assets, including clean prices and verifiable volume for top assets calculated from qualified exchanges and using DAR’s quality controls.

Comprehensive Events Coverage

Hundreds of sources tracked to keep clients informed about what’s coming next in the Crypto Events Calendar.

Unparalleled Asset Diligence

In-depth Asset Vetting reports combine qualitative and quantitative evaluation techniques to deliver a 360-degree review of an asset.

Let DAR’s crypto data and insights support your offerings and processes.