Is your firm struggling to support crypto?

Your Challenge
Uncertain regulations, reputational risks, and volatile assets can be uncomfortable. Factors like these make it extra risky for financial institutions and funds to enter and perform in the crypto space.

Our Solutions
DAR works with world-class institutions to help them prepare for crypto launches and to support ongoing businesses.

‘Clean’ Data to ensure accurate asset valuations.
– Rely on DAR’s industry-leading, institutional-level Exchange and Asset Vetting diligence processes.
– Reduce exposure to market manipulation with vetted data that removes duplicates, anomalies, and transactions that show indications of manipulation.
Regulatory Engagement to help navigate the latest requirements and gain internal compliance buy-in.
– Leverage DAR’s regulatory knowledge and relationships to support licensure and government approval applications.
– Utilize DAR as an unbiased 3rd party crypto expert.
Risk Assessment to identify potential liabilities and establish protections.
– Assist with internal risk and compliance process development.
– Manage potential risk of losses by using DAR to vet assets and counterparties.
Governance to follow appropriate and transparent processes.
– Mitigate compliance risks by using DAR data as it routinely incorporates regulatory mandates.
– Set up reference data systems for seamless company-wide crypto compliance.

Why DAR?

<3 Months

Partnered with a prominent institution to gain crypto regulatory approvals.

450+ Exchanges

Evaluated quarterly to qualify 21 current Vetted Exchanges.

600+ Benchmarks

Included in pricing for comprehensive coverage.

5 Years Experience

Helping institutional clients navigate crypto.

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