Digital Asset Research (DAR) Launches Reference Data Master

DAR’s Reference Data Master provides comprehensive reference data for the crypto universe, covering more than 500 public digital assets, associated derivatives, and exchanges

New York, NY, January 28, 2021 – Digital Asset Research (DAR), a leading provider of crypto asset data and research, today announced the launch of its Reference Data Master. Similar to a security master for traditional assets, DAR’s Reference Data Master acts as a golden source for data related to crypto assets, derivatives, and exchanges.

“It’s an administrative burden to track and keep up with ticker changes, exchange listings, product attributes, and other key crypto reference data,” noted DAR’s Chairman Doug Schwenk. “With few established standards, it’s useful to have access to an actively maintained database of reference data, and our new Reference Data Master includes SEDOLs from the London Stock Exchange, which are the first unique identifier to span crypto and traditional assets.”  

With regularly updated files and curated data that responds to the changing demands of the crypto industry, the DAR Reference Data Master allows institutional clients to keep master lists of assets and exchanges current, and maintain data integrity in internal systems and with counterparties.

Institutional investors can easily and quickly leverage DAR’s Reference Data Master to:

  • Track crypto assets across systems and exchanges using unique identifiers (including SEDOLs)
  • Eliminate risks and headaches associated with inaccurate or unavailable data
  • Establish a data governance framework that identifies data exceptions
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest changes in the evolving crypto marketplace

The DAR Reference Data Master covers more than 500 public digital assets, associated derivatives, and exchanges, offering coverage across the crypto universe. DAR’s Reference Data Master captures complexities unique to the crypto market, like details on the project that oversees the asset, the asset’s benchmark and vetting status, and the asset’s taxonomy classification. 

The Reference Data Master includes comprehensive and centralized reference data across the following data points:

  • DAR Unique Identifier
  • Ticker Exchange Mappings
  • Issuer
  • Product / Project Name
  • Product / Project Description
  • Benchmark Status
  • Vetting Status
  • DAR Industry Taxonomy 
  • Derivative Product Details

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About DAR:

Digital Asset Research (DAR) is a specialist provider of crypto data and research. Since 2017, DAR has combined its expertise in traditional financial services and the crypto space to meet the needs of institutional clients, including asset managers, banks, custodians, family offices, fintech firms, fund administrators, hedge funds, and venture capital firms. In 2018, DAR began a partnership with FTSE Russell to provide indicative crypto indexes and related asset pricing. DAR’s core offerings include Clean Pricing Data, a Crypto Events Calendar, a Reference Data Master, an Industry Taxonomy, Exchange Diligence, and Token Diligence, as well as related crypto market research.

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