Our approach

The dramatic rise of cryptocurrency and digital assets has caused a growing appetite for authoritative, unbiased research into a new, complex and often misunderstood class of assets. To make informed investment decisions, institutional investors and business professionals need reliable insights on cryptocurrency valuations, security and legal issues, and investment suitability, among other factors.

Digital Asset Research is a truly independent provider of research and analysis on the key factors that impact cryptocurrency investing. We’re not affiliated with any digital currency or platform. Cryptocurrency research is all we do—we’re committed to providing comprehensive, penetrating and insightful subject matter expertise in a dynamic marketplace.​


research process

DAR’s Research Team publishes timely and in-depth analysis of tokens and blockchain-related assets, initial coin offerings (ICOs), platforms, related market and regulatory developments, and other investment drivers. Our exhaustive research process consists of four key elements:

Collect – Monitor a comprehensive array of information sources, including issuer news, communities (e.g. Reddit, GitHub, and Slack), industry events, and a network of subject matter experts.

Confirm – Conduct 360° diligence on each token, including white papers, code, team, use-case, network, community and cybersecurity.

Analyze – Provide quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the token, network effects, risk factors, likelihood of security classification and a backtest against historic problems to assess investability.

Review – Regularly update research reports to ensure they remain relevant based on changing market conditions and token maturity.


Philip Ratnowsky

Jeff Wingo

Erin Friez

Judson Wu

Stephen Renzulli

Eugene DiBenedetto