Token Diligence

Comprehensive diligence and profiles on 200+ digital assets

Comprehensive and Objective Token Diligence

With hundreds of digital asset projects releasing tokens, market participants face difficulty in evaluating, understanding, and comparing individual digital assets. Each token project sets its own codebase, security, and compliance standards, and the inherently decentralized nature of these projects makes gathering information complicated.

DAR delivers token diligence solutions that inform market participants about individual tokens and allow for comparison between multiple digital assets. Use our standard token profiles and methodologies or a bespoke solution to choose the digital assets that are best suited to your purposes.

We do not accept token projects as clients to protect against bias in our token diligence solutions.

Token Profiles

Profiles on 200+ tokens that provide key technological and market facts, including:

  • Market Cap and Free Float
  • Classification
  • Developer Activity
  • Volume Statistics
  • Consensus Mechanism
  • Social Media Metrics
  • Blockchain Base
  • Team Profiles
  • Inflation Rate

Digital Asset Vetting

We follow transparent and objective processes when evaluating digital assets. Quantitative and qualitative criteria are used to evaluate assets and determine if they meet institutional standards for codebase construction and maintenance, security, liquidity, and regulatory compliance.

DAR Digital Asset Vetting Methodology

Our Digital Asset Vetting Methodology is designed to evaluate the quality, reliability, and safety of digital assets whose codebase, monetary policy, and network consensus is fully decentralized. This transparent process provides market participants with a comparable view of different decentralized assets and encourages best practices among their maintainers by gathering, recording, and comparing a series of quantitative and qualitative data points.

Our methodology includes:

  • Preliminary Vetting, which evaluates where an asset trades, its one-month trailing trading volume, and its convertibility into other cypto and fiat currencies
  • Comprehensive Vetting, which includes assessments of the asset's codebase, network security, protocol security, liquidity, and regulatory standing

Custom Digital Asset Vetting Solutions

We partner with clients to develop and deliver custom digital asset vetting solutions that meet their unique needs. Leverage a bespoke asset vetting methodology to select assets that meet your requirements for token availability, liquidity, regulatory compliance, and more.

DAR Industry Taxonomy

Our Industry Taxonomy classifies 400+ digital assets by use case, underlying technology, and other features that differentiate assets by theme.

Token Developer Activity Reports

Measuring developer activity in a token project's publicly available repositories provides an indication of developer effectiveness and community involvement. As part of our Developer Activity Series, DAR regularly publishes reports on technical metrics associated with top tokens, including the number of bugs fixed, the number of code changes proposed, the number of developers who regularly contribute, and more.