Industry Taxonomy

A framework that organizes the digital asset landscape by use case, underlying technology, and other features that differentiate assets by theme

A Taxonomy Designed for Digital Assets

Many attempts to classify digital assets under the same top-down frameworks used in traditional finance fail to incorporate the nuances of the market. The digital asset ecosystem is vast and varied, and a classification system must take its complexities into account.

The DAR Industry Taxonomy was designed from the bottom-up to capture the full digital asset market. We leveraged our years of fundamental research and our deep understanding of digital assets to create a classification system that organizes assets by use case, underlying technology, and other differentiating features, and can easily adapt as new technologies emerge.

The result is a comprehensive taxonomy that classifies digital assets into 3 Supersectors, 10 Sectors, and 39 Subsectors.

Use the Industry Taxonomy to construct a portfolio around specific themes, to measure digital asset performance against other related assets or market segments, or to evaluate risk and exposure.

750+ Assets Classified

Our Industry Taxonomy classifies over 750 digital assets that exist within public blockchains.

3 Resolution Tiers

Like classification systems used in equity markets, our Industry Taxonomy includes Supersector, Sector, and Subsector resolution tiers. 

Available for Licensing

To license the DAR Industry Taxonomy, contact

Digital Asset Taxonomy System (DATS)

As a founding member of the Wilshire Digital Assets Advisory Group, DAR contributes our digital asset and taxonomy expertise to the Digital Asset Taxonomy System (DATS).

Designed to support changes and growth in digital asset markets, DATS is for:

  • Asset Managers and Research Analysts: Sector exposure analysis, strategy execution, and attribution reporting
  • Data Providers: A reference data map allowing systems to categorize, manage, and follow digital assets by classification
  • Exchanges Globally: Categorize listed digital asset technologies
  • Thematic Investing: Classification scheme to identify digital assets with common underlying attributes and aid in bespoke portfolio construction

Sector Indexes for Performance & Risk Tracking

Track your performance against other market sectors and gain insight on your portfolio exposure by viewing our Sector Index data. With assets classified into supersectors, sectors, and subsectors, clients can benchmark their performance and measure risk against broad or granular segments of the market.

Sector Index data is available in the DAR Portal, which allows users to filter data by sector type and date.

DAR Industry Taxonomy Sector Indexes