Clean Crypto Pricing & Verified Volume Data

Clean and objective pricing and verified volume data for 2000+ digital assets. Get intraday, daily close, and principal market reference prices that are based on the DAR methodology or your own bespoke solution.


Market manipulation is a major concern for institutional investors and regulators in the crypto space. There are over 300 digital asset exchanges across a globally fragmented market and each has its own policies related to security, technology, compliance, and oversight, which makes sourcing accurate pricing data a challenge for market participants.

DAR delivers a “clean price” that is calculated from reliable data sources that have been objectively vetted to determine if reported trades represent economic trading between a real buyer and seller.

We do not accept exchanges or token projects as clients, which allows us to protect against biases and strengthens the objectivity of our pricing data.

Pricing on 2000+ Assets

Clean pricing and verified volume data for over 2,000 digital assets calculated from qualified exchanges with quality controls to remove outliers, duplicates, anomalies, and transactions that show indications of manipulation.

Custom Methodologies

Intraday and close prices can be customized based on geography, liquidity, trading pairs, or calculation methodology to meet your requirements. 


Our pricing data includes market data for each digital asset, such as market cap, volume statistics, circulating supply, inflation rate, and more.


Our clean pricing data is the result of a multi-step process:


We follow an objective vetting methodology to choose the exchanges that are included in our pricing data. Quantitative and qualitative criteria are used to ensure the selected exchanges meet institutional diligence standards and that our price is based on economic trading between real buyers and sellers. Exchanges can pass preliminary or comprehensive vetting, which results in two tiers of pricing:

  • Tier 1 pricing is aggregated from exchanges that pass comprehensive vetting
  • Tier 2 pricing is aggregated from a broader set of sources

We work directly with exchanges that pass vetting to ensure the continued quality of our data by:

  • Agreeing to long-term data source contracts
  • Configuring downtime alerts and updates on any issues that might affect data collection
  • Monitoring exchange news and performance for updates that would affect its vetting status
Exchange vetting funnel image

We collect trade data from qualified exchange partners and implement quality controls to remove outliers, duplicates, anomalies, transactions that show indications of manipulation, and other factors.


We calculate a price based on our methodology or a client’s custom requirements. The DAR calculation methodology is a volume-weighted average price (VWAP) that is quoted in select fiat currencies, BTC, and ETH.


Pricing data is delivered at an agreed upon interval, commonly 1-second, 15-second, or end of day; other end of period and bespoke timing is also available. Data is delivered via API, the DAR Portal, or a custom method.


Obtaining accurate volume data has historically been difficult in crypto markets. Some exchanges report unreliable or overstated volume numbers, while others are subject to manipulation through fraudulent trading. Institutional investors who rely on data from these exchanges may be trading with less liquidity than believed.

DAR's verified volume data comes from trades made on exchanges that passed our comprehensive review processes and met standards to qualify as a Vetted Exchange or a Watchlist Exchange. Our volume data reflects actual economic activity between a real buyer and seller.

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Get our clean pricing and verified volume data delivered via an API, the DAR portal, or a custom method to match your needs.