Digital Asset Research Publishes In-Depth Analysis of TRON (TRX)


Matthew Gertler

Digital Asset Research, Inc.



Digital Asset Research Publishes In-Depth Analysis of TRON (TRX)

 New York, New York: Digital Asset Research, Inc. (“DAR” or “the Company”), the world’s leading provider of cryptocurrency research and data for institutional investors, has published a 23-page analysis of the TRON network and TRX digital asset. The report includes an overview of TRON’s technology stack, an examination of the project’s history, and a breakdown of TRX ownership.

During preparation of the report, DAR discovered several instances of code that was copied verbatim or slightly modified in non-material ways from Ethereum without appropriate reference to Ethereum’s GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0. Gregory Cipolaro, CEO of DAR, said: “While copying code without attribution opens the project up to some legal risks, they pale in comparison to the technical risks that the project faces.”

These technical risks include that: (1) TRON’s only client, Java-Tron, is derived from EthereumJ, which is one of the first Ethereum libraries and known to be unreliable; (2) the TRON Virtual Machine is a direct copy of the Ethereum Virtual Machine, but with changes that may increase the network’s attack surface; and (3) TRON’s consensus algorithm is based on Delegated Proof-of-Stake and may suffer from the same issues currently faced by EOS.

Lucas Nuzzi, Director of Technology at DAR, said, “By combining technologies originally developed for different system architectures, the TRON network will likely be exposed to unique technical risks in the months following its network launch. It is puzzling that TRON is pursuing a single client approach, especially one that is almost entirely based on an unreliable and arguably outdated implementation of the Ethereum protocol.”

DAR has published some of its findings on Medium here.

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