Digital Asset Research Publishes 64-Page In-Depth Analysis of Ripple (XRP)


Matthew Gertler

Digital Asset Research, Inc.


Digital Asset Research Publishes 64-Page In-Depth Analysis of Ripple (XRP)

Digital Asset Research, Inc. (“DAR” or “the Company”), the world’s leading provider of cryptocurrency research and data for institutional investors, has published a 64-page analysis of the Ripple protocol and the XRP digital asset. The report includes a technical overview of Ripple’s software products, an economic and valuation analysis of XRP, an examination of the project’s competition and history, and a breakdown of Ripple Labs’ ongoing lawsuits. Ripple is one of the oldest cryptocurrency projects and largest in terms of network value, trailing only Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

Gregory Cipolaro, CEO of DAR, said: “We think it is helpful to think of Ripple Labs as an enterprise software company that has developed interfaces and APIs for financial institutions that in some, but not all cases, use XRP.” Its current product offerings include xCurrent, a financial institution messaging system like SWIFT, xRapid, a real-time payment platform that uses the XRP digital asset, and xVia, an upcoming payments interface that targets emerging markets.

During preparation of the report, DAR discovered several instances of incorrect information from public sources. Cipolaro said: “Publicly available data sources and aggregation services give the crypto community, including our firm, a lot of utility. Unfortunately, the quality of their data often falls short of what is required by institutional investors, which is why we created Digital Asset Research.”

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