DAR to Speak at Byte Academy

DAR's Matthew Gertler will speak at "Cryptocurrencies, ICOs & the Exchanges that Trade Them" hosted by Byte Academy on October 9, 2018.

"We're thrilled to have Matt Gertler, attorney at Digital Asset Research ( https://www.digitalassetresearch.com/ ), a research firm that publishes unbiased, institutional quality research reports on cryptocurrencies and other digital assets return to Byte Academy as a guest speaker.

Matt will discuss how the SEC views cryptocurrencies by analyzing characteristics that are likely to bring cryptocurrencies within the regulator’s governing authority. He will analyze the recent actions taken by the SEC publicized in the news including the DAO and Munchee, Inc.

Following this discussion, he will explain how such analysis impacts exchanges that facilitate the trading of cryptocurrencies, and the counterparty and liquidity risks that these exchanges pose. There will be time for Q&A from the audience"