DAR Publishes New In-Depth Report On Bitcoin

DAR Publishes New In-Depth Report On Bitcoin

Digital Asset Research has released a new, comprehensive 63-page analysis of the Bitcoin network, including economic activity and valuation measures, insight into the scaling debate, notable milestones within the development roadmap, as well as potential technical and regulatory risks.  The economic activity and valuation measures are based on our own proprietary Bitcoin blockchain data. In summary:

  • Although the price of BTC has increased significantly this year, its technology and network are still in the infancy stage.
  • We believe BTC will create lasting value if it enhances current behaviors or enables new ones.
  • Bitcoin appears to be the initial purchase for crypto newcomers who then branch off into other digital assets, such as Ethereum and Litecoin.
  • Although BTC has gone through its technological growing pains, SegWit should increase transaction throughput. To challenge centralized systems, technology like the Lightning Network need to be implemented.
  • For valuation, our Total Network Value / Transaction Value calculation shows that BTC is currently trading slightly above its historical average.

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