DAR Publishes In-Depth Report On Litecoin

Digital Asset Research has released a comprehensive 45-page analysis of the Litecoin network, including economic activity and valuation measures, notable milestones within the development roadmap, as well as potential technical and regulatory risks.  The economic activity and valuation measures are based on our own proprietary Litecoin blockchain data. In summary:

  • Originally conceived as the silver to BTC’s gold, LTC is one of the largest and oldest cryptocurrencies.
  • LTC has several technical benefits over BTC but they have not translated into increased user adoption or transaction volume until recently.
  • The implementation of SegWit, as well as its initial trading on Coinbase, led to an increase in network utilization beginning in Q2 2017.
  • LTC should benefit from the ongoing congestion in the BTC and ETH networks, and as a widely traded token, it can be a conduit to move value across exchanges.
  • The recent price increase was not the result of on-chain transactions, implying that the jump was not fundamentally economically driven.
  • Creator Charlie Lee’s departure from Coinbase to focus on Litecoin bodes well for the token’s roadmap, but the total sale of his holdings is a concern.

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