Reviewing Our Tezos (XTZ) Research

We started this business to address a simple need in the cryptocurrency community: the need for high quality, unbiased research. This is research that hedge funds, institutions, venture capitalists, and family offices could use to make investment decisions in a space that is new to most and difficult to understand for even for the most experienced. It was our observation that there was a lot of inaccurate and false information circulating the community and an ignorance of risk factors, all in the hopes of finding the next 10 or 100 bagger.

We say this considering the high-profile issues going on at Tezos (here and here), a project still in its beta phase that recently raised over $230M. These were risks we highlighted front and center in our report from a few months ago. So, we are releasing this report in its entirety, free for the community to read. We will continue to bring a critical eye to the space as we think it’s a much-needed dimension to the community that is all too often talks of “lambos” and “moons.” Yes, we are as excited as you are, but we acknowledge the path forward is not always a straight line.

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