DAR's Greg Cipolaro Quoted In Investing.com Article on Litecoin

Is Litecoin Still The Silver To Bitcoin’s Gold? DAR's Greg Cipolaro weighs in:

Litecoin’s block creation time of 2.5 minutes, versus 10 minutes for Bitcoin, allows for faster verification of transactions. It was also one of the first large-cap tokens to adopt Segregated Witness (SegWit), a technology that optimizes data storage within a block, which paves the way for increased transaction throughput. Bitcoin surpasses Litecoin in terms of developer engagement (i.e. GitHub statistics) network security (i.e. blockchain difficulty) and merchant acceptance.”

We would also add that commentators have compared Bitcoin to gold and its smaller sibling Litecoin to silver but beyond limited supply, they share little resemblance. Bitcoin was expressly created for online peer-to-peer transactions, not as a store of value, there is little to no correlation with the prices of Bitcoin and Litecoin to the prices of gold and silver or inflation, and the velocity of transactions for these cryptocurrencies is near their long-term average, rather than at a low that would imply a shift in use cases from transactions to a store of value.  

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