Participating in the Raiden (RDN) ICO? Check Out Our Valuation Analysis To Know When To Bid

TL; DR: If you're sending in ETH now, you're assuming RDN's Total Network Value is 2x that of Ethereum.

RDN Price Graph watermarked.png

The Raiden Network Token (RDN) ICO is now live at (beware of scams and phishing sites). The token sale event is being conducted via a Dutch auction with the event concluding when the declining price function meets the amount of ETH sent to the auction. The sale has been both contentious and under the radar making an interesting opportunity for potential purchasers. We’ve pulled out the valuation chart from our full report and made it publicly available for readers of this post. For more details, including import valuation breaks, vesting assumptions, and analysis of the technology, please reach out to here